$55.840,00 (税込:$61.424,00

  • High-quality/high-stability output with a high-speed linear amp
  • Capable of various power line abnormality simulations and sequence operation
  • Single-phase 500 VA to 9 kVA, supporting the system for the
    single-phase, and expandable with optional drivers for the
    single-phase three-wire, and three-phase operation
  • Expandable capacity up to 27 kVA (single-phase), 54 kVA
    (single-phase three-wires), and 81 kVA (three-phase)*The separately-sold expansion operation driver is required.
  • Equipped with various measuring functions
  • Features a full range of measuring functions and supports
    AC, DC, and AC + DC Outputs
  • Eco-friendly function equipped
  • Detachable front panel

The PCR12000LE2, PCR18000LE2, PCR27000LE2 requires for the installation work.
Please consult with your local Kikusui distributor.

エミッション試験 IEC 61000-3-11(要 フリッカ測定器)

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SKU: PCR12000LE2
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Interface boards

GPIB Interface

USB Interface

LAN Interface (LXI)

Analog signal interface boards

An Amplifier type

*If the input waveform will be amplified and used in a multi-phase system, one of these interface board is required for each phase.PCR6000LE2 and PCR9000LE2 cannot amplify the input waveform in multi-phase output mode.

Amplitude control type

*The output AC voltage value can be varied according to the input voltage signal.By using this interface board, you can control the PCR-LE with an external contact for (output ON/OFF, sequence start/stop, alarm clear, forced power OFF) and operation status monitoring (output status, alarm status, busy status, current peak limit and overload status).

Control panel cable

IEC Dip · Simulator

Line Impedance Network




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