About 300 models from small to large capacity! Top brand with high performance and reliability

KIKUSUI offers a wide range of compact and versatile switching and dropper-type power supplies that are essential for low-noise testing, in addition to a variety of voltage and current ranges, from small to large capacitance. All models are capable of arbitrary and variable voltage and current settings, making them suitable for a variety of applications from simple stabilization to integration, testing and evaluation.




  • Compact size and high performance
  • Variable internal resistance function
  • Wide-range

Compact Wide-RangeDC Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • Sequence function(supports triggered synchronization)
  • LAN(LXI compliant)/USB/RS232C as standard interface
  • A virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB) function makes multi- channel operation more efficient
  • All models are equipped with front-facing output terminals as standard (maximum 10A)
  • Supporting universal input voltage (85V to 265V)
  • Output ON/OFF delay function

PWR-01 series Learn more

Wide-Range DC Power Supply
  • Palm-sized
  • 2U bench-top type

Compact Variable-switchingDC Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • 2U bench-top type
  • Palm-sized, portable power supply
  • Output power : 200W / 400W / 600W / 800W 4models
  • Output voltage : 10V to 650V 8 models
  • 64 models total (LAN model included)

PAV series Learn more

Compact Variable-switching Regulated DC Power Supply
  • A 19-inch rack width with a thin shape
  • Output power rating (3 times)

1U Wide RangeProgrammable DC Power Supply

  • A Next-Generation Rack-Mounted Power Supply
  • A wide range of voltage and current settings can be combined within its output power rating (3times)
  • A thin and lightweight design with a 1U height for increased rack-mounting efficiency
  • Rated output power : 750W / 1500W, Rated output power : 30V / 80V / 230V / 650V
  • PFC circuit of 0.99 (with 100V) or 0.97 (with 200V) at full load *TYP value

PWX series Learn more

  • High-capacity
  • A soft switching system

High-Efficiency, High-capacitySwitching DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • Output capacity of 8kW from a unit of standard rack width(430mm), a height of about 130mm(3U), and a depth of about 550mm
  • Incorporates a power factor correction circuit to improve the power environment and contribute to energy saving
  • Supports 20V to 1500V output voltages
  • Capable of full-load, continuous operation even at an ambient temperature of 50℃
  • 4kW type can operate even with single-phase 200V input (However, current is limited to about 75% of rated value.)

PAT-T series Learn more

  • A built-in power factor correction circuit
  • While Supplies Last

Wide Range DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • Supports a digital communication function (TP-BUS) as standard
  • Analog external control functions are available, providing voltage-and resistance-based output voltage and current controls
  • A built-in power factor correction circuit (with power factor 0.98) for harmonic current suppression, as well as a highly efficient switching circuit (efficiency 70%)
  • A universal AC input supports a range of voltages from 100V to 240V
  • Out of stock

PWR series Learn more



  • Basic DC power supplies superior
  • Low temperature drift
  • Low ripple noise voltage

High Reliability DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • Low temperature drift
  • Quick transient response
  • Low ripple noise voltage
  • Various safety functions

PAN-A series Learn more

PAN-A 700Wタイプ
  • New Basic Power Supply
  • High Performance and High Reliability Power Supplies

Variable Regulated DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • Use large LED monitor with high visibility for 4 digits display
  • Output and Set Switch
  • Putting together of the mode setting switches
  • Control Terminals
  • OCP (Over Current Protection circuit)
  • Output Monitoring

PAD-LA series Learn more

  • Compact & Low-noise
  • Max.500V Output Rating

CompactDC Power Supply(CV/CC)

  • Series regulator system with excellent noise performance
  • High setting resolution – Voltage: 1mV, Current: 0.1mA (PMX18-2A)
  • Wide range of output variations (9models are available)
  • External analog remote control
  • Monitoring and status signal output
  • Remote sensing function (18V, 35V models)

PMX-A series Learn more


Multi-Output Power Supply(Linear)

  • Multi-Output DC Power Supply
  • Compact

Compact Multi-Output DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • Each output is isolated
  • High setting resolution (Voltage: 1mV, Current: 0.1mA)
  • Tracking control in all channels
  • Simple series/parallel connection between channels (CH1 & CH2)
  • Tracking control in all channels
  • Key lock, Preset memory function (3 slots)

PMX-Multi series Learn more

多出力(マルチ出力)直流電源 PMX32-2QU

Programmable Power Supply

  • A bipolar type
  • The unit equips a signal generator function
  • Synchronized operation function
  • Parallel operation function

Programmable Bipolar Power Supply (CV/CC)

  • Bipolar power supply capable of 4 quadrants operation
  • Four types of max. output power 400W, ±20V, ±40V, ±60V, ±80V
  • Waveform Generation function / Sequence function
  • Synchronized operation function(Trigger-based, Clock-based)
  • High-speed response 100 kHz (CV)
  • Peak Current 6x Rating (±120 Apk CV) : PBZ20-20A

PBZ series Learn more


Precision DC Source

  • A low-noise / highly stable
  • 3-channel output

Precision DC Source

  • 3-channel voltage standard
  • Voltage setting resolution of 100µV (allows a different voltage to be set independently for each channel)
  • Current reading resolution of 0.1µA* (in standard mode) * 1µA resolution for the 200 mA range
  • High-resolution meter with an easy-to-view, 6-digit current display (no external ammeter needed)
  • GPIB / RS-232C standard equipment

KDS6-0.2TR Learn more





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