MS (Management Systems) Trajectory

Our firm complies with ISO 9001, an international standard of quality management systems, and ISO 14001, an international standard of environmental management systems. We obtained ISO 9001 certification in December of 1995 and ISO 14001 in December of 2000 from the Japan Quality Assurance Organization.
These independent metrics act as a guarantee of our products being safe for clients worldwide and of our activities being environmentally aware.
Our Management Systems Trajectory is a basic policy that undergirds our ISO certification and is an integrated set of rules for the improvement of client satisfaction and considerations towards people and the environment.
We treat this trajectory and policy as a critical axis in the operation of our company, and we have built a structure that allows us to provide quality products that are environmentally-friendly. We pursue a range of day-to-day activities towards our improvement as a company.

MS (Management Systems) Trajectory

Basic policy

Our firm follows a MS (Management Systems) Trajectory for the provision of continuously better products and services that adapt to social and environmental changes and needs, thereby further satisfying our clients and creating a society in which people and nature live in harmony, and simultaneously contributing to the growth and development of our firm.

  1. Customers are first
    Meeting the needs of clients and complying with statutory, regulatory, legal, and standardization needs allows us to satisfy customers and deliver stable and reliable products and services.
  2. Setting goals and milestones
    Through the establishment of goals and milestones and their implementation and revision where needed, we pursue better quality of work and a reduction of our environmental impact.
  3. Pursuing a company-wide stance to issues
    All personnel take a company-wide outlook and stance in eliminating inefficiencies, waste, and irregularity, pursuing efficient and effective processes.
  4. Environmentally-aware conduct
    Through the implementation of environmentally-aware activities across all aspects of the business and providing environmentally-friendly products, we contribute to the prevention of pollution.
  5. Adherence to regulations
    We strictly comply with all agreements made with stakeholders and with environmental laws and regulations.
  6. Always pursuing improvement
    Through the continuous improvement of our management systems, we prevent the occurence of non-compliance and further enhance the environmentally-aware aspects and quality of our products and services.
  7. Promoting awareness
    This trajectory is promoted throughout the company and all personnel are trained in its application. Where requested by company-external parties or groups, we disclose this trajectory.




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